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A Lesson From A Hum Of A Bamboo Clump


Hari Baru!


Have you heard a nature hymn? For example, a whir of ting-a-ling-a-ling sound yielded by bamboo leaves when the wind blew to its clump? If you have an opportunity to visit a bamboo garden, try to listen to its hymn. The trees of a bamboo clump will sing along with the wind. When the wind blows blandly, bamboo leaves will play a beautiful symphony, so that it can sway your soul. And when the wind starts to blow lively, the bamboo leaves begin sounding a lilt of a quick song like Disco or Rock ’n Roll.

They sing while at the same time they dance. They dance in an amazing movement. There is no other living things can sing and dance beautifully like bamboo clump trees! While its leaves melodic voices singing a peaceful song, the bamboo trees bar wiggling to the right and to the left. Dancing, turning and winding. Swinging and swaying. As if they are singing homage hymn while performing their devotion dance. They sing. And dance joyfully. Bend, twisting.

You will almost never find even a single piece of bamboo tree uprooted by the wind, and then fallen down. You also almost have never found a bamboo clump wither. Though dry season is burning the entire surface of the earth severely. You will find bamboo clump trees as the only evergreen tree even in a terrible dry season. Whenever dry season force all trees to run dehydrated and fade away, surely bamboo clump trees chosen to stand firm. It makes them to be the last trees standing. Evergreen.

Do you have any idea of; why the bamboo clump can hold out such firm? What a mystery. And there must be a lesson inside it. Now, try to pay attention to this: those who sing a cheerful song, usually are the people who enjoying their wonderful life. Conversely, one who likes to sing a cheerless song usually is the one who has been experiencing a gloomy life. My questions would be: why the first people are long lastingly happy and full of joy? Whether they have never experienced a stormy life? Or may be they have never faced a life temptation like others?

A song represents an expression of heart feeling. If you let your heart to sing the song along, you would be able to see the inmost feeling of the composer. And you will understand them. You can even feel them as it happened to you. A song can also connect you to any historical event. Because, a song preserves any story within it. If you have a memorable song, which is reminding you to a story of a past experience, hence whenever coincidentally you hear someone sings the song, you surely will be remembering the story behind the song. It indicates that a song has magical strengths to influence our feelings. In brief, a song has a hand in glove linkage with our soul.

Isn’t it true that you cannot sing a cheery song while you remain to let your mood mope? On the other hand, a sorrow song will by itself brings you to a gloomy atmosphere. No wonder if your doleful heart feeling can quickly change at a moment you hum a great song willingly. Vice versa.

Why the bamboo clump can hold out such firm? Because, it’s always singing such a full of bliss songs, to make it joyful, live happily, and at the same time bravely and strongly. That’s the secret of the strength of bamboo clump trees: they are eager to sing the songs of the beauty of life.

As you felt when you sang a happy song. In fact, every human being can make him or herself happy, joyful, and hopeful, by singing a great song. The songs as warbled by a bamboo clump. A song is like a lightning rod. It’s made to protect a high building from pouncing thunder in a stormy weather. It can disperse wild thunders. A song is also acting as an antibody, to dash down any diseases trying to infiltrate into our immune system. So, any time when you get a pleasant bliss, don’t forget to make your own song. And let it be your forever song. And when at one time you are feeling blue, neutralize that sorrow by the song. Consequently, you would be able to control your emotion, and return to a beautiful feeling. And you will always be able to enjoy your life. Promise? You will.

If you associate the wild wind rage in the bamboo clumps’s life to a ‘life temptation’ of human being. A heavy barricade. A life burden. Any difficulty. You may see that the bamboo clump trees chosen to sing, and dance with it, instead of being depressed with it. When there were so much big trees fallen down because of the wild wind knocked over, the bamboo clump trees chosen to gather with it, and composed it to become a melodic harmony composition. Bamboo clump trees chosen to sing it. And to danced with it. Lived with it happily. Forever. What the bamboo clump trees did was more than just survival. They were enjoying their daily life under the wind hegemony. No matter how hard the wind blows, it still there strongly up stand. Why? Because bamboo clumps trees, choose to croon cheerily with the storm. And dance with it joyfully.

The wind blow is our life temptation. The storm is our being hurricane. And the bamboo clump tree is you. Sing your song as the bamboo trees croon the hum. If you can sing the same hum, then you would be strong like the bamboo clump trees. No matter how hard life burden hits you; you would remain to be strong. You would linger to be able to sing. Sing your song. Voice out the hum. Dance with joy. And remain to be enthusiastic. Like the bamboo clump which remained to become green forever. And you, would be forever green.


Hari Baru!


  1. This article has been posted on several sources. Some of them put my name as the author, but some even not let the readers know who the author is. I thank everyone who has helped this article readable; but it would be great if the readers recognize the author.
  2. The original version of this article has been translated and published in at least 8 (eight) languages (or may be more?), namely: English; Chinese (?); Korea (?) . French (?). Latino (?); Portuguese? ; Dutch (?); and Bahasa Indonesia. I put it on the Special Archive.
  3. Thank you all for making this article readable in many world languages. Enabling people to enjoy and get the feel. Leveraging the spirit within. Sharing it…. I do appreciate it. If you think it is worth to translate it into other languages; please feel free to do so.
  4. I remember in 2005, I was forwarded an email written by a blind lady that she was so inspired with this story. She did hope that some body can translate it into Braille, so that more blind people can read this. However, I cannot do things without any helps from others. Let’s give us hands…

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