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A Leadership Message For Ordinary Workers

Hore, Hari Baru! Buddy. What is the meaning of a job for you? Do you feel that this company placing you on a wrong level in regards to your leadership capabilities? Do you think that you can only practice your leadership talent if you place higher level of employment? Or you may think that to do it, you need to ... Read More »

How Can Integrity Protect Your Reputation?

Hore, Hari Baru! Buddy. You will only successfully build your career or business with a good reputation. As you only like to do business with the one who has a good reputation, you will also be required to possess a good reputation yourself. Without integrity, it is impossible for you to build such a good reputation. The question would be: ... Read More »

Tiga Peristiwa Penting Pada Tanggal 13 April

Hore, Hari Baru! Teman-teman. Salah satu hal dari begitu banyaknya keajaiban dunia adalah ditemukannya sistim penanggalan. Mungkin anda tidak menganggapnya demikian. Tetapi, bagi saya, tanggalan merupakan sebuah penemuan yang menakjubkan. Bagaimana anda bisa mengatur jadwal anda, jika tidak ada tanggalan? Bagaimana anda bisa mengenang hari-hari indah dalam hidup anda tanpa tanggalan? Bagaimana anda menentukan kapan menikah, tanpa tanggalan? See? Tanggalan ... Read More »

A Lesson From A Hum Of A Bamboo Clump

Hore, Hari Baru! Buddy. Have you heard a nature hymn? For example, a whir of ting-a-ling-a-ling sound yielded by bamboo leaves when the wind blew to its clump? If you have an opportunity to visit a bamboo garden, try to listen to its hymn. The trees of a bamboo clump will sing along with the wind. When the wind blows ... Read More »

Bamboo Clump: Spanish

I found that my bamboo clump article translated into Spanish here. You can also download the pdf version. Enjoy it! Bamboo Clump in Spanish (pdf version) Read More »