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Let’s Eat The Elephant!

What A New Day!

Killing an elephant is unbelievably insane. But…, how about eat it? Eat an elephant? “Come on, man! How can I eat an elephant?” you may say that. But, I meant it. Do you really know how to eat an elephant?

Elephant could be the only giant living creature remaining in the world. Nonetheless, in Africa I heard, many of black hunters took nothing from the animal but the ivory. They killed it. Cut the ivory. And left the dead body on the ground. They just left it. Can you imagine? Experts believe that if we could not protect them from such brutal hunting and killing; we may loose the cute animal within only few decades. And make it nothing but only history.

Now, let’s get back to our key question; how to eat an elephant? Do you have any idea to answer it? Didn’t you hear some body ask you that crazy question?

When I was at the first time hearing that question, I reacted like you did. To me, it was not just because an elephant is too big to be eaten. But also the absurdity the question brought to me. “How can I eat an elephant?” Ha! As if I do not have anything else to consume. I have beef burger. French-fries. Salad. And Tuna. Crab meat and Lobsters are even better. Then how can I eat an elephant! What kind of question was that?

But, wait. Let’s think over the question once again. And let’s pretend you don’t have any conflicting issue to eat an elephant. Still, can’t you find the answer for the question? And yes, if you get the right answer for the question, you will discover the reason behind; why some body asked you that silly query. Well, congratulation! Now you got the answer. That’s right. How to eat an elephant is “to eat it bite by bite”.

As I promised, if you get the right answer; you will discover the reason behind. The beauty of ‘eating an elephant’ technique. Now, let’s discover the lesson. Elephant. The giant animal. Representing something you have to accomplish. It could be a big project. Ambitious aim. Sky rocketing purpose. Anything. You name it. The big thing; that’s an elephant.

Like ‘eating an elephant’; you sometimes think that it is impossible for you to accomplish that biiiiiig project. You have exactly the same objection there in your heart; loudly yelling you a deadly word of ‘impossible’. It is impossible for you to eat an elephant. Therefore, it is no way for you to accomplish the BIG task. You see what I mean?

Alright. Now let’s see your answer on the question. Eat it bite by bite. Your elephant? Yes. Your elephant. Can you eat the elephant by only swallow it once? No. Now, can you eat it bite by bite? Yes, you can. Alright then; can you eat your giant mission bite by bite? I am sure you know the answer. Don’t tell me that. Just go trough it. And believe me. You. Can. Accomplish it. Successfully.

Now, let’s eat the elephant!

What A New Day!


  1. I don’t know the person who for the very first time asked the question. The brilliant originator, of course. But, indeed, it’s a really great question ones ever made. And if the person read this article, I do hope he or she knows that this is inspired by his or her question. And let me thank you, so much.
  2. Eating an elephant means you intake huge energy into your body. It makes you stronger then.

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  1. Very Inspiring..! can I copy-paste this article to my Blog?

  2. great lesson… i did learn from nature,,,, thanks Mr.